Even though we know that sharks don’t live in the deep end of pools and monsters don’t grab at your feet from beneath your bed, there’s always that “what if” feeling that never quite leaves your mind.

Well, one Colorado woman found out the hard way that her childhood fear of finding a snake in her toilet is, in fact, not such an irrational fear after all, according to FOX 31 Denver.

The trouble started when Miranda Stewart of Fort Collins used the toilet and then realized that it wasn’t flushing properly. She took a closer look, and a snake poked its head right out of the toilet water!

Stewart discovered the snake slither up through the bowl when she checked to see why the toilet wouldn't flush.
Image Source: Cole Mohs via TMX.news

She screamed for her boyfriend, who called the maintenance man to help get the snake out. Understandably a bit scared, the snake retreated to the tank, and the maintenance man had to take the whole toilet apart to get him out! The whole process took about forty minutes, and while that snake’s head may look tiny, the rest of him was not.

Sanford wrangled the four-foot corn snake from the apartment's toilet.
Image Source: Cole Mohs via TMX.news

They never did find out where the snake came from, though they suspect it was the pet of another tenant before slithering to freedom (or, you know, another tenant’s toilet).

Thankfully, though, even the snake got a happy ending! Though the hypothetical owner was never located, the maintenance man, Wesley Sanford, decided to adopt the snake himself. Now, “Boots,” as the snake has been named, lives on Wesley’s ranch property, where he’s been given the title of “guard snake.” Something tells us he’ll be a lot happier eating mice and rats instead of living inside a toilet!


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