Puppies and children may look different, but when it comes to how they act, there really are a lot of similarities.

In fact, one very big Bernese Mountain Dog puppy acted in a very familiar way we’ve seen plenty of human kids behave when their parents are taking too long chatting with another adult. You know what we mean — when children tug on their mom or dad’s hand, saying “Let’s go!” when they’re bored and want some attention.

The main difference here, though, was that this puppy’s dad is none other than the President of Ireland. And he was in the middle of an important national interview at the time.

The 7-month-old puppy was standing at Michael D. Higgens’ side during the address, but after a while, the pup became impatient and started playfully and gently mouthing his owner’s hand as if to say, “Let’s play! I’m bored just sitting around!”

The President, for his part, seemed unfazed. He has two beloved Mountain Dogs, and no doubt he’s used to this type of behavior from his furry kids!

You can watch the cute and funny moment below:


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