Though medical care can be expensive for humans, at least we have easily accessible resources to get help if we need it. Unfortunately for our pets, the opposite is true. Dogs, cats, and other domestic and wild animals often suffer for ages before getting the medical care they need. Sadly, many animals go the rest of their lives without receiving treatment for injuries or illnesses.

Thankfully, one dog in Brazil knew right where to go when he was injured, and the incredible moment was captured on video surveillance. In an interview with Bored Panda, the attending veterinarian, Dayse Ferreira da Silva, explained what happened when the ailing stray walked into the Vet Vip Clinic:

“Through the external cameras of the clinic, I saw that he was walking, then he laid down and took a nap. Then he got up and went to the office door. Right away, I felt that he needed help and I invited him in. He kindly let me examine him and after some tests, he was diagnosed with a transmissible venereal tumor, which is a very common disease in stray dogs and also highly contagious.”

You can watch the video below:

The dog was later named Quindim, and it wasn’t long before he was on the road to recovery. The medications and treatment he’s received at the clinic have helped a lot, and he’s now a happier, healthier dog!

This sweet, smart pup is now ready for adoption! From the looks of it, his future owners won’t have any trouble getting him to go to the vet after such a good experience.

Good boy, Quindim!


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