In a perfect world, no one would ever have suicidal thoughts, but an Australian boy was expressing suicidal sentiments in a viral video that showed the aftermath of him being bullied by his classmates.

Young Quaden was filmed sobbing in a video shared by his mother, Yarraka Bayles, saying that he wanted to kill himself after repeated instances of bullying at school. Bayles had witnessed one incident when she was picking Quaden up from school, and she shared the video to show adults in positions of responsibility the devastating effects that bullying can have on children.

After the video went viral, the Indigenous All Stars National Rugby League (NRL) team stepped up to show Quaden just how special he really is. Australian news network 9 News has shared that the team has invited Quaden to lead them out at their game this Saturday! The beautiful moment has captured the hearts not only of Australians, but of countless people around the world who can empathize with Quaden’s plight.

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Indigenous children often experience higher rates of bullying and suicide around the world, and for Quaden to be able to meet and lead a team of strong indigenous superstars could be a huge boost to his confidence. We love seeing young kids having great role models to look up to!

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