Is your gingerbread house feeling a bit empty this year? Don’t worry — just as they’re here to help you furnish your real home, IKEA has stepped in to help you furnish your edible home, too!

The furniture giant has released a DIY kit to make your favorite holiday cookie dough into actual pieces of tiny cookie furniture. Whether your gingerbread house is a display home with a missing wall or two or if you just want the gingerbread people living inside the house to have a place to sit before they’re gobbled up, IKEA has you covered.

The free downloadable instructions on the website include directions to build “actual” IKEA furniture with your favorite gingerbread dough. If you go all-out, your gingerbread house can be adorned with a bookcase, table and chairs, side table, bed, rug, and armchair.

The original instructions include paper stencils, which can be produced with any paper printer. You can then use a knife or cookie cutter to carve your cookie dough to the desired shape. However, the website also includes actual cookie cutter templates for anyone who has a 3D printer at home to make the process a bit easier.

This is just the latest way that IKEA has added a bit of extra fun to a difficult year. Earlier in 2020, they shared IKEA-esque instructions for building a furniture fort at home, and they even shared the recipe for their famous meatballs! Now, you can have dinner and dessert with a fun twist.

All images via IKEA


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