Swedish furniture and home goods franchise IKEA has been going out of their way to make people smile during the COVID-19 pandemic. From sharing the recipe for their delicious meatballs to creating cute instructions to help people build at-home furniture forts to pass the time, the retailer has been stepping up to improve people’s experiences in quarantine.

Now, an IKEA store in Germany is making the news for going the extra mile to provide a safe environment for Muslims to pray in following the end of Ramadan, which involves fasting from dawn to sunset for a month. Traditionally, on Eid al-Fitr (or the “Festival of Breaking the Fast”), Eid prayer is held in groups in public areas, such as mosques or community centers. But with many indoor locations closed or only receiving limited numbers of people due to the coronavirus outbreak, a group of Muslims in Germany wondered how they’d be able to hold prayer while still practicing social distancing. Here, once again, IKEA came to the rescue.

The Islamic Community Milli Goruş (IGMG) came up with the idea of holding Eid prayer in a parking lot, and they ended up working with IKEA to make it happen. The result was incredible: 700 people gathered 1.5 meters apart in the store parking lot, adhering to social distancing recommendations while accomplishing their religious goal.

The event has gained widespread attention, and it’s easy to see why — not only is was it a kind, compassionate gesture from IKEA, but it’s also a great example of how even large groups of people can still practice their religion while staying safe if they get a bit creative.

Check out the video of the occasion below:


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