IKEA may be a furniture store, but if you’ve ever gone there just for the food, you’re not alone. The franchise is also known for its surprisingly and uniquely delicious eatery area, and people really can’t get enough of their meatballs. In fact, the store is known for its meatballs almost as much as it’s known for its furniture!

Now, IKEA has given us all an unexpected blessing in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic: the recipe for their legendary meatballs. Best of all, this recipe is simple enough to try at home while avoiding spending too much money ordering delivery.

Here are the instructions, which were posted on the IKEA UK Twitter page. Note that they go into a bit more detail than traditional IKEA furniture assembling instructions!

Yep, that’s it! Now you can enjoy your favorite furniture store meatballs from the comfort of your own home. See? Being in quarantine isn’t all bad.

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