Imagine you’re working on your Jeep one day, minding your own business, when suddenly, a cat that is definitely not yours decides that you belong to her now.

That’s basically what happened to photographer Steve Hamel last week. A friendly orange kitty imposed her friendship on the confused, but happy man as he worked on his vehicle, and she wasn’t going anywhere without some serious convincing.

The cat had no intentions of leaving, and in fact, she seemed to want to help get the job done.

Given how much the internet loves cats, it’s probably no great surprise that Steve‘s post with his new friend went viral very quickly. He decided to go knocking on doors in the area to see if his new friend might be someone’s beloved pet. Still, the photographer was attached enough to the kitty cat that he decided if no one came forward to claim her, he and his family would make her one of their own.

After not having any success in finding the owners and seeing that the kitty didn’t have a microchip, Steve and his family decided to keep the cat! They named her Sally and spent some serious cash at the pet store to make her feel at home.

“Sally loves to hang out on my shoulders and although she does have a full set of claws that make it painful to do this in the house, my work jacket makes it pretty comfortable.”

As it turned out, though, “Sally” did have a family of loving humans who were desperate to get her back home.

Steve provided the final update on his Facebook page:

“WE FOUND THE OWNERS!! Thanks to my post going viral, these lovely people were reunited with their beloved cat. They lived right around the corner from us and had many heart warming photos of the cat playing with their daughter. It felt good to reunite them even though It was heart breaking at the same time. The last 48 hours have been a real whirlwind with 3 different posts totaling about 45,000 shares so far with more than 10,000 comments and more than 100 personal messages including a marriage proposal lol!!  Although I have a heavy heart, I know we did the right thing. The increased traffic has done wonders for my photography page and I am grateful for that. Thanks for being apart of our cat saga and if you haven’t already, liking and following my photography page would mean the world to me!! Check out Hamel Studio

Of course, having a cat around has made the Hamel family consider what it might be like to permanently adopt one.

“We are discussing the idea of adopting a cat of our own but We have 2 dogs that use dogy doors to come and go, so keeping the cat inside might be a challenge and I worry about coyotes. If youd like to know how that story ends, feel free to follow my personal page. Much thanks and happy holidays

What a happy ending it would be for this kitty to have found her true home while also inspiring another family to give another cat a new loving home!

All images via Steve Hamel/ Facebook


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