The coronavirus pandemic has had many people down in the dumps about not being able to go out to restaurants or bars. But one family decided that instead of going out to the pub, they’d bring the pub to their garden.

The Crabtree family got creative when it came to at-home entertainment and worked with Amy — who runs Octavia Chic — and her husband to get a pub built in their very own garden. The outside of the pub (which is adorably called “The Drunken Crab”) is a cute addition to the property on its own, but wait until you see what the inside looks like! This truly looks like a real pub, just perfectly downsized for a little family.

Amy shared a post about the project and included a ton of pictures, calling the building the couple’s favorite project!

My husband and I have had a very busy few week’s working on our favourite project to date. ‘The Drunken Crab’ built, painted and interior designed for the Crabtree family who are loving having their own pub in the Garden.

Take a look for yourself:


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