Social distancing and self-isolation has people all over the world searching for something, anything to do to pass the time alone and indoors. One woman, however, seems to have found a great solution to the stay-at-home blues.

Hannah Heil has discovered that her Newfoundland, Hank, is a great model for the latest fashions and cutest hairstyles. So for each day the family spends in quarantine, Hannah has been styling Hank’s “hair” and giving him complementing outfits. The results have kept her family entertained, for sure, but they’ve also captured the hearts of countless people all over the internet.

Hank’s first style was simple, but silly.

He then resembled a frazzled shopper who managed to find a single roll of toilet paper at the store.

His day 3 look was inspired by The Misfits.

But by day 4, he looked like a member of a country club.

He can also rock a professional look.

Hank’s humans have gotten more creatives with his looks as the days have passed.

And no matter what they do to him, he always remains calm and cute.

They even slipped in a reference for the Tiger King audience!

Hank’s “disguises” have been making people’s days just a bit better as they cope with isolation.

We can’t wait to see what hairstyle this big fluffball will wear next!

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