There was a time when people wouldn’t even think of using shipping containers as building material, but that time is long gone. Shipping containers are now frequently repurposed as living spaces. Some people use them as low-cost housing for the homeless, while others go all-out and use multiple shipping containers to build themselves a larger living space.

One house in New Zealand is showing just how far the shipping container house trend can be taken — and proving that you can get fancy with your shipping container homes.

The large black house, advertised on TradeMe, is made of twelve shipping containers, and unsurprisingly, it has plenty of living space. The home has a deliberate “industrial” design with a lot of modern features that prove that shipping container homes can actually be pretty luxurious.

From afar, the home looks like a “normal” high-end home, albeit with a lot of black.

It also boasts a six-car garage and a small “second dwelling” to give visitors their own space if the six bedrooms inside the main house aren’t enough.

There’s also an above-ground pool that looks out over the beautiful New Zealand landscape.

A closer look, however, reveals that this is no ordinary fancy home. It’s actually made of twelve shipping containers!

Inside, the house’s modern, industrial theme comes through beautifully, with polished concrete floors and lots of open space.

The black theme doesn’t mean the house is dark, though. Plenty of sunlight can shine through and light up the space.

It’s a modern combination of luxurious and industrial!

It’s not all dark, either. The back living room area is bright all around with a tranquil view of the backyard.

The bedrooms are long and narrow — evidence that they’re made from shipping containers — but otherwise, they look like perfectly normal places to sleep.

The bathrooms also have a sleek, contemporary feel to them.

What do you think? Are shipping containers the perfect new home construction material, or would you rather have a house with a more traditional design? Let us know in the comments!

All images from TradeMe via Monarch Real Estate Ltd. Hillcrest


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