This year has been hard on healthcare workers. In addition to their normal stressful workdays, they’ve also had to contend with a global pandemic that’s left hospital beds filled with COVID-19 patients, many of whom sadly haven’t survived their illness.

One hospital has found a way to make their staff smile while at work, “hiring” a fluffy golden retriever named Shiloh for the best reason ever.

Image Soure: Shari Dunaway via Twitter, an MD and neurology resident physician, shared a photo of Shiloh hard at work as a volunteer for the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Shari says that Shiloh’s job is to “go around saying hi to other employees while they work.”

Image Soure: Shari Dunaway via Twitter

Shiloh even has a name badge and everything!

Image Soure: Shari Dunaway via Twitter

While it’s true that not every hospital is so lucky as to have dogs walking around to hang out with staff, Shiloh is far from the only hospital dog in the world. Soon, other people began sharing photos of helpful pups around the world!

Some of them also wear fancy outfits to work.

Some of them are laid off for the time being, but no doubt they’re excited to get back to work as soon as they can.

Don’t leave out the kitties — cats can also work to provide emotional support to people who need it, even if some of them may have had to look for other jobs during the pandemic.

We hope that Shiloh and all the other furry assistants in the field of care are just what our frontline workers need to get the emotional support they need through their difficult line of work!


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