If you spend a day at the races, you probably expect to see horses galloping, trotting, or pacing around a track. One race track in Minnesota, however, likes to shake things up a bit.

Canterbury Park is known for hosting horse races, but they’ve also gone viral for conducting races with other animals that you would not expect to see charging for the finish line. No, these animals aren’t bred for speed, but they are insanely cute, and watching them run as fast as their little legs can take them is an instant mood booster.

For example, instead of thoroughbreds, have you considered betting on corgis?

If corgis are a bit too posh for your liking, how about the floppy ears and flying slobber involved in a lightning-speed Basset hound race?

If you like more wrinkles in your races, a bulldog race might be more your speed! (By the way, did you know that bulldogs could run this fast? We sure didn’t!)

Canterbury Park isn’t the first racetrack to host these sort of cute pet races, but the announcer’s voice really puts the cherry on top of these special, fun events. Plus, what a conversation topic for these dog owners — can you imagine telling your friends that your corgi won first place in a race at a big track?!

Which dog breed would you like to see in a race like this? Let us know in the comments!


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