The family of João Coelho Guimarães had come to terms with the fact that their loved one was dead over ten years ago.

In reality, João had been living on the streets in Brazil, collecting cans to exchange for the money he needed to survive, according to Brazilian news outlet Correio Braziliense. The 45-year-old was unrecognizable compared to what he used to look like, with his clothes filthy and his hair and beard unkempt and matted after so much time living without a roof over his head.

João’s fortune began to turn around, however, when he encountered the business of Alessandro Lobo, which specializes in men’s fashion and offers barber services as well. João was asked if he wanted something to eat, but instead, he asked if he could get his beard trimmed up. The shop did him one better and gave him an entire “beauty treatment,” cutting his hair, beard, and moustache and outfitting him with some new clothes. He looked like a completely different man, and Alessandro asked if he could share the before/after photos on social media in hopes of inspiring other similar businesses to offer the same services to others in need.

The transformation showed the dramatic difference good style can make, serving as a reminder that sometimes, all that might stand in the way between a person and a job interview is a fresh cut, some decent clothes, and a shower.

But this story’s happy ending isn’t just about a makeover — João’s parents, who hadn’t heard from their son in over ten years, were alerted to the social media post. The family got in contact with Alessandro, since João doesn’t have a phone, and arranged to meet up with their long-lost loved one.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of a beautiful reunion and a great new start for this handsome guy.


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