Homelessness is a complex issue that has many layers. Sadly, one of the barriers preventing many homeless people from getting jobs is their appearance. Without hygiene products or access to styling services, many people living on the streets are left with long, dirty, tangled hair and beards. In addition to making the job search even more challenging, having unkempt and unwashed hair robs people of their dignity — a struggle no human being should have to face.

One barber in France is making waves for his act of kindness after giving one homeless man a free hair and beard cut and completely transforming his look. The issue of homelessness is close to barber David Kodat’s heart. He told Bored Panda that he and his family were homeless when he was younger, and he now works with a charity organization that provides food to the homeless every Sunday. He’s since offered his own styling talents to the organization, and his work is changing lives.

David has worked his way up, and his skills are now so well known that he regularly cuts the hair of famous celebrities. He’s never forgotten where he came from, though, and he still gives haircuts to the homeless. 

In a recent TikTok video that has since gone viral, David showed the amazing transformation of one homeless man who came in with long hair on his head and face. David worked his magic though, and soon, he revealed the handsome face of the man beneath the hair.

Take a look:


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♬ Moulaga – Heuss L’enfoiré

Beyond being a really impressive transformation, we hope that videos like this will encourage other people to get involved in helping the homeless.


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