Historic houses often have a certain charm about them, but what do you think about an old, but beautiful house that has an entire jail in its basement?

A Missouri home has gone viral for its unique features… most notably, a fully functional jail. But first, let’s take a look at the house itself, which is featured on House of Brokers:

Upon first glance, it seems like a normal (and beautiful!) home. It was originally built in 1875 and then had an expensive renovation done in 2005, so the inside has all the appeal of a modern home.

The house has three levels of living area and two bedrooms. A lot of the details really add character and give hints as to just how old his historic home really is.

But when you open a door in the kitchen, something seems… different.

Attached to the home is a jail, complete with nine cells, a booking room, and even a bathroom.

While some would certainly consider this an unsettling addition to an otherwise cozy home, the explanation behind it thankfully has nothing to do with secret serial killer dungeons or cult-like activities in the home.

As it turns out, the building was once the Howard Country sheriff’s house. In the time when it was built, it wasn’t uncommon for the town sheriff to live right next door to the jail. Seems a bit risky to us, but then again, this jail looks pretty locked down!

If you have the coin, this house + jail combo can be yours for $350,000 — not that bad when you consider that it’s such a one-of-a-kind living situation!


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