It’s been a few years (30, in fact) since the first Home Alone movie came out, and although its star, Macaulay Culkin, isn’t a little kid anymore, he still knows how to put a smile on our faces.

Culkin’s internet presence is hilarious, to say the least, and he’s well aware of how much time has passed since he was made famous by child stardom. He celebrated his 40th birthday with a joke that made us all feel old.

Back in August, he also gave us very relatable quarantine feelings when he shared what his version of an updated Home Alone sequel might look like.

Culkin’s latest online masterpiece comes by way of a themed facemask that protects others from illness while also giving us major nostalgia. The actor shared a photo of himself wearing a facemask that makes the wearer look like they could be on the cover of one of the famous Home Alone video cassette covers! As you can imagine, the effect was absolutely flawless on the man who actually portrayed Kevin McAllister.

Take a look:

We’re glad to see that this actor is still having fun with his most famous role. He’s certainly brought us a lot of laughter in a difficult time!

If you, too, want to encapsulate the horror of being “home alone” for the past few months, you can find this mask on Etsy for yourself!


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