Motorworks Brewery in Manatee County, Florida has been doing their part to help homeless pets find forever families by putting adoptable dogs’ photos and information on their beer cans to attract potential adoptees. But they never expected that their efforts might help reunite one woman with her own missing dog.

According to ABC Action News, Monica Mathis was scrolling through a viral post about Motorworks’ campaign to help the dogs get adopted when she realized that one of the dogs on in a photo on a can of beer looked awfully familiar. The pup, named Day Day, looked like her own dog, Hazel, that had gone missing from her home in Iowa in 2017. Monica had searched everywhere and called animal shelters, but ultimately, she had to accept that she’d likely never see her dog again.

Monica had since moved to Minnesota, having given up hope of ever finding Hazel, and she was shocked to see the dog’s face on the beer can. She called the Manatee County Animal Services, who confirmed that “Day Day” indeed had a microchip that matched her to an owner named Monica, though the rest of the information (such as Monica’s last name) had become outdated since she’d first lost Hazel. But she found the necessary paperwork required to prove that the dog on the can was indeed her dog, and now, Hazel will get to go back to her new old home in Minnesota.

No one knows how Hazel went from Iowa to a shelter all the way in Florida, but all that matters now is that she and Monica will finally be reunited after three years apart. Her trip home will be funded by Friends of Manatee County Animal Services and will take place sometime next week.

There’s no doubt that Monica and Hazel’s reunion was a positive twist of fate. After all, what are the chances that this dog would be one of just four from the shelter featured on the beer cans in the article? Or that Monica would even see the post in the first place? Some dogs and people truly are just meant to be together.

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