Any stay-at-home parent knows that taking care of kids and maintaining a tidy home is anything but easy work. It’s a full-time job without pay, and unlike a “traditional” job, much of that work goes unseen and unappreciated. Still, you’d think that someone who’s in a relationship with a single parent would understand the hard work and sacrifice that goes into their daily routine.

That’s unfortunately not the case for one TikTok user who goes by @sierra_not_ciara. The 22-year-old stay-at-home mom shared a video and explained that her boyfriend told her that she “doesn’t do anything at all” while he’s at work. You can imagine how hurtful that comment could be, and it was no surprise when Sierra chose to stick up for herself.

Sierra decided to show her boyfriend and the world just how much she does on a daily basis, from taking care of her kids to making sure the house is clean and tidy. Basically, it’s a lot, and plenty of people agree with her — over 2 million people have liked her video, showing that there are definitely folks who appreciate the hard work that single moms do… even if her boyfriend doesn’t see it.

You can watch the video below:


I just want to feel appreciated… 😞 so many things I didn’t even record. Tik tok I am 22 stop taking this down for drinking .

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