Proposal videos are sweet, but we’re also suckers for videos that show what happens when a bride- or groom-to-be asks one of their friends or siblings to be in their wedding party. There’s something so special about being asked to stand up there with your friend, brother, or sister on the happiest day of their life, and it’s no wonder that so many people clearly remember the moment they were chosen to be someone’s best man or maid of honor.

Such was the case for Will Claussen, who’s currently engaged, and his brother Henry, who has Down syndrome. Will knew he wanted Henry to be his best man, and he and his fiancee came up with a super sweet plan to make it happen. They packed a message into a bottle, which they had Henry find with his metal detector. Once they dug it up, Will helped open the bottle and message so Henry could read it:

“Henry Joe, you are already the BEST bro, and my very BEST frand, so will you please say yes and be my BEST man?”

You have to see Henry’s reaction, but be warned — you may feel like someone is cutting onions nearby!


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