Bats get a bad reputation, but despite the negativity surrounding their species, these flying mammals are actually super cute (and great for pollination and keeping pests away).

If you don’t believe us, just check out this video of a fruit bat enjoying some high-quality petting time from a loving human. This gray-headed flying fox’s name is Jeddah, and due to injuries, he’s unable to be released back into the wild. He was hand-reared as a baby and now helps to educate the public on his species.

Some people have expressed concerns that the adorable squeaks Jeddah makes in the video are due to fear, but the person who shared the video insists that this cuddly cutey actively seeks out physical affection from his human caretaker at Sydney Wildlife and could get away at any time. But if you watch the video, it becomes pretty obvious that he has no desire to escape from all this lovin’.

Take a look:


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