By now, most of us have seen at least a few ultrasound images of human babies, whether our own or from friends or family. These special blurry images are among the first evidence of the life growing within another life and are a treasured moment for parents and their loved ones.

We rarely get to see what baby animals look like inside the womb, though. You may have been treated to a puppy or kitten ultrasound if you’ve had a pregnant pet, but what might a cow ultrasound look like? A giraffe?

How about an elephant?

The Oklahoma City Zoo has provided its followers with a literal inside look at the pregnancy of one of its resident elephant moms. Asha, a 25-year-old mother of three, is currently expecting her fourth calf. She’s about eight months into her 22-month pregnancy. She’s a beautiful Asian elephant, and she’s receiving top-notch care from the zoo staff during her pregnancy. Part of this care, of course, involves regular ultrasounds so that the zoo’s veterinary staff can make sure that her calf is developing healthily.

The zoo has shared video of Asha and her unborn calf, and the footage is fascinating. Even though we know elephants have long trunks, it’s not often we get to see one inside the womb!

Check out the clip below:


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