Beer, food, and dogs — does a better combo even exist?

The founder of Fido’s Taphouse sure doesn’t think so, and he’s combined his passions to help homeless dogs find their forever families. The concept of Fido’s Taphouse is simple, but revolutionary. Guests come in for a bite and a brew, and while there, they can meet anywhere from four to eight dogs that are in foster care and waiting to be adopted.

The bar has teamed up with the Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals (OFOSA), which is where the dogs come from. Customers can spend just $4 (which goes toward the care of the pups) to go to a “day room” to play with the dogs. If they feel like they connect with one, they can apply to adopt them.

Fido’s has helped dozens of dogs find their forever homes, and don’t worry — the process is just as involved as it would be at any animal shelter. Applicants have to go through a waiting period to make sure that they and the shelter are still happy to take the dog home, and the dogs have to meet the whole family to ensure that everyone is compatible with the new addition to the family.

To learn more or visit Fido’s, check out the website here!

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