When you truly love what you do for work, you kind of miss doing it even when you have the chance to not work.

This is pretty much the case for hairstylist Heidi Lee Oley of Atlanta, Georgia. Like many people right now, Heidi has had to take time away from work at her hair salon. She thought it might be a while before she got to play with anyone’s hair again, but thankfully, her Australian boyfriend Geoff has some seriously luscious locks and was a willing participant for some exp-hair-iments.

Now, Heidi is sharing the hilariously glamorous hairstyles she’s giving Geoff each day that the couple is in isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. And people are loving it.

It started with a style designed to make him look like George Washington.

He wasn’t a total Grinch about being turned into “Aussie Lou-Who.”

Next up was a prom updo.

Then, Geoff got to be an Amy Winehouse lookalike.

We think Princess Leia is our favorite.

Geoff’s most recent look was Viking-inspired, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll do next!

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