Children’s sports coaches can have an incredible impact on their lives, and in one little girl’s case, her coach might have saved her a trip to the hospital.

Video from a kids’ gymnastics competition has gone viral thanks to coach Chad Buczek and his quick thinking and lightning-fast reflexes. Buczek, who owns Metro South Gymnastics Academy Canton, was watching one of his students prepare to do a complicated flip. But in the seconds that it took her to jump and start flipping, Buczek knew that something was wrong, and he acted fast. As the little girl landed too close to the edge of the mats and began to fall, Buczek came in seemingly out of nowhere and caught her in the nick of time.

The video of Buczek’s quick catch has gone viral, and the little girl’s mother, Justine Ramos, has expressed her gratitude toward the coach for protecting her daughter against what may have been an injury-causing fall. Now, people from all over the world are sharing their stories about how their coaches have kept them safe when they needed it the most, too!

Check out the video below:

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