Animals you’d expect to see on a roof: Squirrels, birds, chipmunks.

Animals you wouldn’t expect to see on a roof: Your golden retriever.

Vince Matteson got quite a shock one day while taking down Christmas lights. He’d climbed the ladder to the roof of his house and was getting the work done with his headphones on when suddenly, something strange entered his field of vision. Vince turned around to see what it was and found his golden retriever, Ace, right up there on the roof with him.

Vince told The Dodo that he initially thought his housemate had snuck Ace up onto the roof with him as a joke, but as it turned out, the security camera footage proved that Ace had taken the initiative to climb up the ladder himself to be there with his dad.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the footage:

Thankfully, having a housemate made it way easier for Vince to get Ace back onto the ground. Vince passed the dog to his friend, who carefully lifted Ace onto his back and climbed down the ladder with him.


Original Video Of Dog Getting Off The Woof…. @redhawkashley stole the video

♬ original sound – Adventures of Ace and Bo

We’re just glad that Ace and his dad got down from the roof safely… and that they have video evidence of this hilarious memory!


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