Many renters have to deal with house inspections once every few months to make sure that the current tenants are taking good care of the property. Of course, with the coronavirus outbreak going on, it’s become riskier for property managers to conduct in-person house inspections.

In Tim Rousu‘s case, he was asked to photos in each room of his house to prove that it was in good shape. So he decided to have some fun with it. Tim, who lives in Queensland, Australia, shared the hilarious photos he took for the property manager, along with this message:

I had a house inspection today with a twist. Due to corona virus they have asked us to take 2 photos in each room to confirm the house is still upright. I knew this was probably a once in a life time opportunity. These are some of the photos I’ve sent. Note – I did send genuine photos too but hopefully the realestate people have a laugh. Life’s too short to spend it being boring so let a child waterboard you some time.

Check out the silly photos below:

While quarantine has no doubt been stressful on this family, they’ve taken advantage of opportunities like this to have some fun at home.

No room in the house was left unphotographed, and Tim made sure each room was used to its full potential.

Everyone went all-out for some of the pictures! His kids seemed to have a blast as well… for better or for worse.

Even though everyone is eager to get back out into the world and resume life as “normal” again, at least this funny family knows how to enjoy their time together!

We can’t wait to see what antics they get into once they’re not limited to the house anymore.


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