The coronavirus-imposed quarantine that people all around the world are currently experiencing is, obviously, making life more challenging than normal. But one guy found a way to practice social distancing while still satisfying his Cheetos craving.

Antonio Munoz of Mexico wanted a bag of Cheetos from the little shop across the street, but of course, the need to stay at home to help slow the spread of COVID-19 had to take priority. So Munoz got an idea. He wrote a note and attached it to his Chihuahua.

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“Hello Mr. Shopkeeper, can you sell my dog some orange Cheetos? Not the red ones because they’re spicy. There’s $20 in the collar. BEWARE: If not treated right, she’ll bite you. – Your neighbor out front.”

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It seemed like a flawed plan at best. The little dog looked a bit confused.

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But the pup did go across the street, and as she left the shop, guess what she had in her mouth?

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Yep, she proudly came trotting back carrying a bag of orange Cheetos in her mouth.

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Antonio’s creative attempt to get Cheetos without leaving the house really worked! The post has gone viral, and now, people are wondering if they could train their own dogs to do something like this.

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