Anyone who’s been working from home or taking/giving online classes has probably become acquainted with the video conference software Zoom. The useful application is mainly practical, but some users have also been having fun with it by creating custom backgrounds that can make it look like they’re somewhere other than their kitchen table.

While some people are content with a background that depicts them in a professional setting (such as their office) and others enjoy more whimsical digital locations, Twitter user @Jaws19show (who also runs the Jaws 19 YouTube channel) has outdone us all. He created a Zoom background that looks just like his normal home office… until a “clone” of himself walks into the room and sets down a cup of tea, which the “real him” then drinks. It’s a hilarious use of the technology, and his video of the background in action has gone viral on social media.

Personally, our favorite part of this clip is when he leans just slightly out of the way so his “other half” can set down the mug. This makes us want to get more creative with our own Zoom calls!


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