There are countless pets in need of homes all over the world, but unfortunately, one elderly couple in Peru was still turned down from adopting a dog. The reason? Their age.

The 76-year-old grandmother of Andrea Hijar had owned several dogs throughout her life, and she decided that the time had come to welcome a new pup into her life again. So Andrea reached out to local shelters to see if any of them might have the perfect companion for her grandmother, but sadly, they all rejected the grandma due to her age.

The woman’s luck changed, however, when Andrea saw a post from a man looking to find a home for a puppy. So Andrea’s father and grandpa went to pick the puppy up after the man decided that Andrea’s grandma and grandpa would be great caretakers. And then, they decided to surprise Grandma with her new arrival:

The little puppy, Princesa, is now happy in her new home… and these loving grandparents couldn’t be happier!


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