Living in the time of coronavirus has caused a lot of disruption to our daily routines, and all but the most glamorous of us have been wearing sweatpants a lot more often. But of course, fashion doll Barbie is the most glamorous human ideal. How would she be fairing in these crazy times?

Tonya Ruiz, a.k.a. “Grandma Gets Real,” has long been campaigning against the unrealistic standards that Barbie dolls have presented over the years, and now, she’s taken matters into her own hands to make the doll reflect reality a bit more accurately. Tonya was once a fashion model herself, and after been exposed to some of the darker impacts of the industry, she’s spoken out about the impact that the dolls (which have dramatic proportions) can have on girls’ self-esteem. People are loving her honesty, especially when it comes to her craftsmanship on the doll sets.

Take a look at some of her genius work below:

1. Quarantine Starter Pack Barbie

2. Homeschool Mom Edition

3. Zoom Ken

4. Home Salon Edition

5. Binge-Watching Edition

6. Pandemic Hero: Healthcare Worker

7. Quarantine Bread Baking Barbie

8. Pandemic Hero: Sanitation Worker

9. Quarantine Quarreling Couple: Barbie and Ken

10. New Hobby Edition

11. What Time Is It? Edition

12. What Day Is It? Edition


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