As we grow older, we learn that the best love stories aren’t the ones you hear about in fairy tales, but rather the ones that stand the test of time. Listening to our grandparents’ stories of meeting, falling in love, and living out their remaining decades by each other’s side is a treasured memory for many of us, and lots of us hope to find the same kind of love at some point in our own lives.

This kind of beautiful love is exactly what was celebrated in Google’s Superbowl ad this year. The minute-and-a-half-long spot, called “Loretta,” focuses on an elderly man who wants help remembering his wife, who is implied to have passed away. The ad is unquestionably a tear-jerker, and many people are applauding Google for yet another unforgettable and personal Superbowl commercial.

Get your tissues ready and watch the ad for yourself below:


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