Any dog owner knows that these companions are some of the most loyal family members you could hope for, and one golden retriever proved it by trying to find her way back to her family, no matter the cost.

Bored Panda has shared the story of Ping An — a dog from Qidong, Jiangsu in China. While Ping An’s humans were renovating their home, the golden was sent to a friend’s home about two hours away. Of course, the plan was never for Ping An to stay there forever, but how was she to know that?

Image Source: Xu Ge

After four months at her temporary accommodation, Ping An decided she was tired of her vacation and wanted to go home. The people she was staying with assumed that the dog had just run away, but what Ping An had really done was started her walk back home — a trip that took her over 62 miles of walking over the course of two weeks.

Image Source: Xu Ge

Ping An eventually reached an office building, where workers took her in and called a vet. The poor pup was thin and malnourished with bleeding paws, but she’s since been treated for her condition. The vet then located her owner online, and Ping An was soon reunited with the family she’d tried so hard to find.

Image Source: Xu Ge

Here’s a video of the heartwarming reunion:


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