It’s a bit risky for the elderly to go out right now due to the coronavirus outbreak, but this becomes a problem when someone needs to go get groceries. While some at-risk people are relying on home delivery services from their local supermarket, one Colorado woman has a few friendly neighbors who are willing to help her out. And one of them has four legs!

Renee Hellman has been neighbors with Karen Eveleth and her dog, Sunny, for over a decade. So when Renee, who has health issues that include significant breathing problems, decided to self-isolate, her neighbors stepped up to give her a hand and a paw.

Sunny is helping Renee get her groceries while still staying away from other humans, since dogs can’t carry COVID-19. Sunny comes over, Renee gives him a grocery list, and Karen goes to the store to pick up Renee’s groceries. When she gets back, she once again employs Sunny’s help to get the groceries over to Renee. Not only is it a great way for Renee to get her groceries and stay safe, but it’s also a huge highlight of her day and provides a bit of much-needed socialization in these tough times.

Check out Sunny in action below:

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