The loyalty of a dog knows no bounds, and one pup in Turkey proved that when he followed his owner all the way to the hospital.

Turkish news outlet TRT Haber was the first to report that the golden retriever’s owner had to go to the hospital after falling ill, and though she was thankfully able to get into the vehicle herself, her faithful pup wasn’t allowed inside.

Undeterred, the dog instead chose to run after the ambulance, bounding behind it all the way to the hospital. His journey didn’t stop there, either — the hospital staff allowed the loyal retriever inside to wait for his owner, and he stayed on the floor while the workers tended to him. He seemed to know that they were there to help, but you can’t blame him for being worried!

While we don’t know how the woman is doing now, we’re sure that she was delighted to hear that her best friend followed her all the way to the hospital… and that he was so well taken care of as he anxiously waited to be reunited with his favorite human.

You can watch a video of the loyal dog’s pursuit below:


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