By now, George Floyd has become a household name for tragic reasons after he died following nine minutes of a police officer kneeling on his neck. Protests have sprung up around the world calling for an end to police brutality and reminding people to keep Floyd’s name (along with the names of other black men and women who had died at the hands of police) in their memories.

Now, George’s second grade teacher has shared an essay that he wrote as a young child, expressing his desire to be a Supreme Court justice when he grew up. Tragically, George’s dream never became reality. “How could we have known that the little boy, the little 8-year-old who drew this precious, delightful picture about justice and wanting to be a justice, 38 years later would be—his life would be taken? Sadly, I’m sure this isn’t the way that he envisioned being famous or bringing justice,” said Mrs. Sexton in an interview about George.

George hoped to bring justice to the world when he was just a little boy, and although his life was taken from him before he could accomplish that, the worldwide protests taking place in his name will hopefully transform the world into something better for future generations.

You can watch the interview with Mrs. Sexton below:


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