There’s good news in the penguin world this week as famous same-sex penguin couple Magic and Sphen have become dads for the second time together.

The SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium recently had another successful breeding season among their gentoo penguins, and among the new chicks is another healthy baby hatched by Magic and Sphen.

The two male penguins made headlines a couple years ago when they began building a nest together after spending lots of time swimming and “waddling” together before breeding season. Their carers saw the couple’s desire to hatch a chick of their own, so they gave the dads-to-be a fake egg to practice with. Once they saw how well the penguins coparented the egg, they gave them the opportunity to raise a real egg that came from a heterosexual penguin couple who had two.

Magic and Sphen’s first chick hatched in October 2018, and two breeding seasons later, the couple is still going strong. This year, they had another opportunity to hatch their own egg, and we’re happy to report that the little one is healthy and well!

Sphen and Magic’s relationship has been celebrated by people all over the world as a beautiful same-sex bond between animals other than humans; same-sex “relationships” are fairly common throughout the animal kingdom, but it’s rare that we get to see one progress in front of our very eyes!

Check out the video below to see the happy couple’s newest addition to the family:


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