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Former NASA Engineer Uses A Glitter Bomb To Get A Phone Scammer Arrested


Mark Rober has gone from NASA engineer to YouTube sensation, using his engineering expertise to make the world a better, more entertaining place. He created an amazing birthday party for a cancer survivor, and he even created an obstacle course for squirrels trying to steal his bird seed. But what Mark is perhaps best known for are his glitter bomb pranks.

Mark first made his glitter bombs “internet famous” when he used them to prank package thieves, but since then, he’s upped his game, and he’s now using his inventions for an even greater chaotic good.

Mark has evolved from package prankster to unofficial private investigator. After learning more about the phone scam industry and the ins-and-outs of how scammers steal thousands of dollars from vulnerable (often elderly) people, he worked together with other scam experts and law enforcement to figure out how to get glitter bombs in the hands (and cars and homes) of the people pulling the strings of the scams. And in the process, he helped educate his millions of followers on how phone scame work.

Check out this hilarious and educational prank below, and be on the lookout for more of Mark’s important engineering work!



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