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Former NASA Engineer Gives Young Cancer Survivor The Birthday Party Of A Lifetime


Once upon a time, Mark Rober worked as a NASA engineer. These days, he’s using his science skills for far goofier purposes — namely, fun experiments on YouTube.

Rober has captivated millions of viewers with his wild science experiments that show how precise measurements and trial and error can be a lot of fun and well worth the wait. Among his many fans is a boy named Fletcher, a boy who was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer.

Mark had previously surprised Fletcher with a video call, and you can imagine how Fletcher reacted when meeting one of his heroes. Then Mark found the perfect opportunity to surprise his new friend.

You see, Mark had previously conducted experiments for “elephant toothpaste,” which basically involves creating a large amount of rapidly-expanding foam from a relatively small amount of liquid. Other science enthusiasts soon caught on, and a battle to see who could create the world’s largest elephant toothpaste explosion ensued. Mark was no longer the world record holder!

Mark wanted his glory back, and he decided that Fletcher should be a part of it. So he decided to plan a surprise birthday party for Fletcher that would involve a whole new type of “toothpaste”… and would revive his status as a world record holder.

We won’t give away the surprises, because trust us — you have to watch this experiment unfold as it happens. But let’s just say Fletcher had the ultimate birthday party filled with fun, foam, and a fire tornado (yes, really).

Check out the video of Fletcher’s super special birthday party below:



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