Former NASA Engineer Creates Obstacle Course For Squirrels Trying To Steal His Bird Seed


As cute as squirrels are, most backyard bird watchers don’t love it when these crafty rodents manage to get into their bird feeders and steal the seed that was meant for, you know, the birds.

Former NASA engineer Mark Rober has long been embraced as a bit of a “celebrity engineer” on YouTube, and as usual, his latest creation has gone massively viral for its practicality and entertainment value. Tired of squirrels using every acrobatic ninja skill possible to get into all the “squirrel-proof” bird feeders he was buying for his back yard, Rober put his skills to work and built a crazy obstacle course that the squirrels have to complete in order to gain access to the food he put out.

While the squirrels had a tough time of it, these rodents are a lot smarter than many people give them credit for, and even Rober was surprised at how well they navigated his expertly crafted course. The video has gotten over ten million views in just a couple of days, and when you check it out below, you’ll see why! Now if only the rest of us could replicate this in our own backyards.


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