For many healthcare workers battling the coronavirus outbreak, comfy meals at home have been replaced with on-the-go bites, and many people are doing what they can to make the experience a bit more tolerable for those working in the healthcare field across the world.

A group of fisherman in Hawaii did just that when they caught two huge yellowfin tuna, which weighed a combined 220lbs. The catch was literally and figuratively huge, but rather than using fish to feed themselves, the fishermen instead donated it to healthcare workers.

According to WHNT 19, the fish were sent to a seafood distributor and then prepared as an ingredient for over 300 poke bowls. Hospital staff working at Honolulu’s Straub Medical Center and the Queen’s Medical Center received the meals for free!

This isn’t the first case of generosity from fishermen that we’ve seen. In fact, these particular fishermen were inspired by 104-year-old fisherman Setsuo Todoroki, who regularly donates his catches to people in the community who need the food.

We love seeing acts of kindness and generosity like this! Hopefully it can inspire even more people to go out of their way to help those in need.


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