A fisherman in the UK has caught a lobster that’s nothing like you’ve ever seen on your plate.

A couple of weeks ago, fisherman Tom Lambourn brought up a lobster that is so stunning, it almost looks photoshopped. The National Lobster Hatchery shared the story of what happened.

This special lobster, which was caught off the Cornish Coast, is extremely rare — one in two million, to be exact. It goes without saying that most lobsters don’t boast this brilliant blue color, which is due to a single mutation of a protein inside their bodies.

Image Source: National Lobster Hatchery via Facebook

This particular lobster still had plenty of growing to do and was too small to bring to land, so Tom released it back into the ocean so it could continue living its best life beneath the sea.

Image Source: National Lobster Hatchery via Facebook

It’s amazing how many beautiful creatures lie beneath the water’s surface without us ever knowing!


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