Emergency service dogs are a part of the team just as much as the humans. These special working pups spend a lot of time with their humans on the job, and even as puppies, they train hard to serve their community.

Just ask Marshall.

Photo: Seville-Guilford Fire & EMS

Marshall is a Dalmatian who’s recently started putting his puppy power to use with Ohio’s¬†Seville-Guilford Fire Department. He’s currently in training to be a certified therapy K-9 and lives at the fire station full time, where he’s cared for by the firefighters on duty.

Photo: Seville-Guilford Fire & EMS

He’s already picked up on the routines of his human coworkers, and he’s not letting them slack off on the job. In fact, as some of the firefighters tackled a workout on Sunday evening, Marshall was right there with them getting in some exercise of his own and encouraging his pals to keep up the good work!

With a hard-working pup like Marshall at their side, there’s nothing that these firefighters can’t do! This cutie pie is going to grow up to be an excellent member of the team with a work ethic like this.


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