Most domesticated dogs have a fairly limited view of the world, with their perspective often not reaching beyond the yard and insides of their home until it’s time to go for a walk or car ride, it’s no wonder that they might sometimes get bored and want to see the world beyond the walls and fences.

An adopted dog named Burger started communicating this desire to his human family by digging a hole under the fence so he could see what was on the other side. So his dad decided to make people-watching a bit more convenient for his pup and cut a “window” into the fence so that Burger could see what was going on. Needless to say, this dog loved it.

Burger’s digging stopped once the window was cut through, as the family told The Dodo, and when COVID-19 hit, his humans noticed more people walking up and down the street, they decided to take the window to the next level.

Burger’s “dad” Stanley and 7-year-old “brother” Cameron got to work and started painting framed artwork that could be hung around the window in the fence, making this cute pup look like a piece of pop culture history!

Since then, their cute idea has taken off, and it’s become a hobby of theirs to create new paintings to show off Burger’s best features.

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Their creations have brought smiles to their neighbors’ faces during a time of uncertainty.

Burger gets to stay entertained, and everyone who sees him gets to see a funny picture of a super cute dog!

We can’t wait to see what other artwork this fun-loving family will come up with!


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