Is there anything more joyful than a dog holding its head out of a car window? Well, maybe a family laughing uncontrollably at a dog holding its head out the window!

Kristina Magner of Alaska was in the car with her kids, Kendall and Maddox, when they noticed a hilarious sight in the car next to them. A dog was hanging his head out of the car window, and everything on his face that could flap in the wind definitely was.

The pup was clearly having the time of his life, his lips and ears like flags in the breeze. The result was that this dog had some hilarious facial expressions, and Kristina and her kids couldn’t stop laughing! The dog, of course, had no concern about what he looked like as he enjoyed his joy ride, but we imagine he’d be even happier knowing the joy he’d brought to these humans during their own ride in the car!

You can watch the hilarious video for yourself here:


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