Last week, the City of Wichita Falls Animal Services shared a photo to spotlight one of their animal control officers and one of the animals available for adoption. In this case, Zackry Majewski chose to pose with Sky, a beautiful blue-eyed husky. But even though Sky is a stunning dog, the internet was far more focused on Zac.

The post was, of course, intended to help Sky find a home while giving Zac some well-deserved recognition, and recognition was definitely what he got. The post has accumulated over 27,000 comments, and many of them are far more focused on Zac than Sky.

“Do they come as a package deal?” asked one commenter. “**me searching my spell book on how to become a husky**,” added another. Basically, that post made Zac the most eligible bachelor in all of Wichita Falls.

This animal lover with the bright blue eyes started working at the shelter last October, and since then, he’s played a vital role at the location. Now that he’s become “internet famous,” there’s no telling how he’ll be able to help other animals get adopted!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Sky did get adopted! No doubt Zac’s next adoption effort will be just as successful!


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