Everyone knows that the best way to celebrate a birthday is with cake, and for those milestone birthdays, an extra bit of celebration is always warranted.

Debbie the elephant got just that when it came time to celebrate her fiftieth birthday. Debbie lives at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, and her caretakers made sure her beautiful life was celebrated on this special day. For the occasion, she was given a gigantic vegan cake, plus bamboo hay, a pumpkin, and some orange slices.

From what the Sanctuary said, Debbie really enjoyed her special birthday meal!

“She watched from afar as they set up her treat and did not hesitate to walk right over to it as soon as the gate was open, eating the cake first and then mixing the oranges in with the hay — Debbie usually chooses to mix up her food before eating it.

“The pesky pumpkin rolled away (despite her attempt to catch it with her back foot), but that didn’t stop her from grabbing a bite of hay and eventually putting the entire pumpkin in her mouth at once!”

Happy birthday, Debbie! May you have many, many more!


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