It’s a timeless hypothetical scenario we give to ourselves, our friends, and our kids: What would you do if you found a wallet with a lot of cash in it?

One unidentified elderly woman in New Orleans already knew her answer to that question when she found a wallet filled with $2,500 in cash in a Walmart parking lot on Christmas Eve, according to WCSC.

The discovery happened after a Metairie man dropped the wallet and went on to have his car washed, unaware of all the cash that had just gone missing. When he finally realized what had happened, he went inside the Walmart to see if anyone had returned it. That’s when an employee told him that an elderly woman had brought it in for him, with all $2,500 still inside. The man had tried to find and identify the woman, but was unsuccessful.

The man’s father, Gerald Fleming, told WCSC that his son had just gotten paid, so the money inside the wallet was comprised of his recent pay and some of his savings. Losing it all, especially during the holiday season, would have been devastating for anyone. Thankfully, though, an unknown woman chose to be one man’s hero instead of $2,500 richer.

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