The coronavirus outbreak has been a source of stress and isolation for many people, especially those who are most at risk of developing serious symptoms. We’ve seen many elderly people staying locked inside their homes, only emerging from their front door to pick up delivered groceries. The loneliness and boredom can get intense, and one London-based 72-year-old woman put out a plea to her neighbors to help lessen the monotony.

One of her neighbors, Bon Cliff, shared the note the elderly woman put up asking for books and DVDs to help reduce her boredom while in quarantine.

Yesterday an elderly woman in my block taped the first note to the lobby door, so my neighbours and I dropped off some books/DVDs for her. Today she stuck up a second note 🙂

The note was taped up in the lobby so that everyone who walked into the building would see it. Surely the woman expected a couple of books, but the response she got was so great, she was inspired to put up a second note:

We haven’t seen any more updates about this wholesome situation, but Bon Cliff’s heart has been warmed by the notes. The tweet has gone viral, and hopefully, it’ll inspire others to loan their books, DVDs, and other resources to their at-risk neighbors and loved ones who are cooped up inside for the foreseeable future.


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