Multi-color cats aren’t uncommon, but a cat named Narnia is especially unique. This special kitty’s face is gray and black and split right down the middle, making it look like he’s really two different cats that were somehow magically squished into one!

Narnia has amassed quite a following, with over 252,000 Instagram users keeping up with the beautiful blue-eyed boy on a daily basis. And now, there are even more cute kitties to fawn over. You see, Narnia has once again become a father to a small litter of kittens, and two of them look like they came directly from either side of his face.

You won’t find many cats that look like Narnia.

This stunning cat has an unforgettable appearance, and those blue eyes only help!

Narnia has been a father before, and now, he’s a dad to a whole new litter of kittens!

Some of the kittens resemble their mother more, but there are two that clearly got their coloring from Narnia.

Yep, Roswell and Renesmee are the same color as either side of their dad’s face.

The kittens are growing up fast, and you can already see the family resemblance.

While most of the kittens went to new homes, Roswell gets to stay with his mom and dad.

Roswell even has the same chin and chest markings as Narnia!

This is one proud dad!


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